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Jarvis (Business Development Lead): Jarvis steers our business strategy, leveraging extensive experience in the AI sector since 2017. His earlier stunt as a VC has endowed him with a keen understanding of market dynamics.

Dr. Henry (Chief Technology Officer): A vanguard in machine learning, Dr. Henry holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on neural networks. With over 15 years in AI research and development Dr. Henry's expertise is the driving force behind our LLM's core algorithms.

Josh (Blockchain Lead): Josh specializes in integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology to ensure our LLM's decentralized framework is secure and efficient.

Jordan (Systems Developer): Jordan is the backbone of our non-AI, non-crypto system operations, ensuring our infrastructure's robust performance across various platforms.

Machine Learning Team:

Sydney (Lead ML Engineer): With prior experience at a top-tier AI player, Sydney brings valuable insight into the development of scalable LLM architectures.

Alex (NLP Research Scientist): A linguistic programming maestro with publications in prominent AI journals.

Casey (Data Scientist): Specializing in data modeling and analysis, contributing to the refinement of our training datasets.

Morgan (AI Developer): Morgan's innovative coding solutions enhance the versatility of our LLM applications.

Taylor (Junior ML Engineer): A recent graduate, Taylor is pioneering our efforts in adversarial machine learning.

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Advisors and friends

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