DO YOU GUYS HAVE YOUR OWN MODEL OR ARE YOU USING OPENAI/ANY OTHER API? We built our own LLM! We are not using OpenAI. You can easily verify this by asking the LLM a question about one of the many subjects that are censored by OpenAI. ARE YOU LAUNCHING ON MONAD? Yes! But our token launch will be on Ethereum, because Monad Mainnet is not live yet. Once Monad goes live we will migrate 1:1 to Monad. WILL YOU OPENSOURCE THE MODEL, WILL YOU PUBLISH ABOUT THE TRAININGDATA/PARAMETERS? Yes, once we pass a certain threshold in usage we will opensource the full model. We will also publish a technical paper disclosing more information about the training data and benchmark results . HOW DO YOU COMPARE TO CRYPTO AI PROJECT X/Y/Z? Honestly that is something for you to figure out. We try to stay away from making comparisons with other projects, because it's not our place to characterize others. In general we feel excited about any possible 'competition' and believe it will drive the space forwards. WHAT WILL THE TOKEN BE USED FOR? The token will be the backbone of the ecosystem. It connects users that query the model with the compute power to run inferences. To fully capitalize on the potential of our model we will make sure that even people that don't want to touch crypto at all still have full access to the LLM, with a seamless crypto integration under the hood.

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